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Based on the Multi-focal Intelligence Theory, Intelligence School Program aims chiefly to promote emotional education and the development of intelligence’s most remarkable functions, such as empathy, thinking before acting and reacting, self-control among others. Thus, rendering a student who does better in school and who is less undisciplined. The Program also helps to decrease the bullying culture, the development of healthy interpersonal and intra-personal relationships, and engages families in their children growth.


Everybody involved in the educational process - school, educators, students and family - is benefited with a better quality of life and mental well-being. Currently, the Program serves over 200 thousand students daily in schools all over Brazil. 

The most complete school in the market of professional and personal development.

Menthes uses the exclusive method of Augusto Cury and offers coaching courses in the field of emotional intelligence regarding academic and professional careers as well as quality of life. The differential aspect of this school lies in its understanding of the diversity and uniqueness of its students, hence flexible time slots, the best multimedia resources, playful activities, training, lectures, and workshops are offered; also, students are closely assessed and can track the achievement of specific results. It is a school for all age groups: young and adults who seek personal success. 

Gênios Educational Programs present an innovative system of Intelligent Math Teaching, which aims to meet the needs of basic and elementary level students, regarding the contents associated with the Math curriculum.

Based on the Multi-focal Intelligence Theory, specifically in the four pillars of education: Learn to be - Learn to know - Learn to do - Learn to live, and based on the work of great mathematicians, this program is all about maximizing mathematics’ teaching and students’ knowledge in a simple, fun and hassle-free way.


Dr. Augusto Cury is a psychiatric physician, psychotherapist, researcher and writer. Graduated at Marmottan Medical Centre - Paris/France, in Spain, and at PUC São Paulo. Throughout the 30 years of his career acting as psychiatrist, researcher and writer, Dr. Augusto Cury reached national and international acknowledgment, becoming the most read author in the last decade, according to Folha de S. Paulo, Veja and IstoÉ. His books have been published in more than 70 countries and he has sold over 25 million copies in Brazil alone. In 2009 he was awarded Best Fiction by the Chinese Academy of Letters for his book “O Vendedor de Sonhos” (The dream’s seller) which is soon going to become a motion picture.

Dr. Augusto Cury is the author of the Multi-focal Intelligence Theory, which analyzes the process of though construction, and has been studied in undergraduate, graduate, master, and PhD levels in the USA, Europe and Brazil. He is also the founder of Intelligence School, and his Method is applied in the courses of Menthes and Gênios, companies that compose the Grupo Educacional (GEAC), which works for better quality in children’s education, contributing for the development of socio-emotional intelligence in children, teenagers, and adults. Moreover, the Group promotes courses in human development. 


The Most Intelligent Man in History

The Most Intelligent Man in History

The psychiatrist Marco Polo is a respected scientist, expert in the works of the mind and author of the first global program of emotional management.

When he goes to Jerusalem to attend a meeting at the UN, the doctor is challenged to study the intelligence of the most famous man in history: Jesus. However, Marco Polo is a remarkable atheist and refuses to do it. Still, the audience of intellectuals, eager to hear from him, abets Marco to this enterprise.  After much resistance, Marco Polo accepts the challenge. He puts together a round-table comprising brilliant professionals to analyze the mind of Jesus under the lens of science, not religion. He embarks on an epic journey to find out whether Jesus was a master of self-control and emotion management; whether he excelled at working with losses and frustrations, setting his creativity free, contemplating beauty and how well did he form thinkers.

The result of 15 years of research and studies, regarded by the author as a vital work in his career, this novel is the first volume of a collection that will shake our beliefs.

Petrus Logus - The enemies of Mankind

Petrus Logus - The enemies of Mankind

After disobeying his father and being sent to the Chamber of Mads, Petrus Logus had to face his own prejudice to find happiness with Nátila, his true love. However, Petrus has yet one last mission to accomplish and will need to keep focused, not losing sight of his goal. While he tries to find the truth about the Gateway of Time and to understand his incursions to the past, Petrus will travel throughout the Kingdom of Cosmus and witness the atrocities carried out under his father’s commands - high taxes, starvation, mutants being condemned to extinction, and slaves working to death. Wherever he goes, Petrus promotes changes in people’s lives, substantial changes. Eventually people start celebrating him as “The Deliverer”. However, nothing in the Prince’s life is easy, and in this new adventure, he will find that many of his beliefs are not real and that he is involved in a much greater plot - and darker too - than he had imagined. 

The Works of the Mind

The Works of the Mind

In this work, Dr. Augusto Cury, scrutinizes the Multi-focal Intelligence Theory, unfolding some vital areas of the backstage of the psyche. With an accessible language, the Dr. talks to a broader audience. What is the Self? How are thoughts built? How do emotions shape reality? How do we access our memory? These and many other issues are discussed in detail in this book. The mind is indeed a world to be explored inside each individual. Get ready for surprising yourself and breaking all your paradigms. 

Anxiety 2 - Self-control

Anxiety 2 - Self-control

In “Anxiety 2 - Self-control”, the psychiatrist and psychotherapist Augusto Cury reveals the secrets to manage stress and to develop self-control, essential tools for a healthy and wholesome emotional life. Beyond that, he presents the difference between stress and anxiety and highlights that both are key for human survival, and that yet, like everything else in life, they need to be balanced. In this book, he makes use of his own history - from an idle teenager to a published researcher - to show how anxiety and “SPA” can sabotage maturity and prevent one from becoming one’s own leader. 


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